The Up Country of South Carolina

In the up country of South Carolina, the region in the northwest of the state, beautiful waterfalls await you. Some of them are accessible by car, while others, such as the Laurel Fork Falls at Devil’s Fork State Park, require a more adventurous journey. If you’re passionate about water sports, you’ll be interested to know that there are twelve large lakes in South Carolina where you can go boating, stay on houseboats, fish and water ski across the water.

No matter what you are looking for on holiday, South Carolina is guaranteed to have the right deal for everyone. Pack your bags – beautiful South Carolina is waiting for you!


Greenville is a vibrant, enchanting city at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is part of the Appalachian Mountains. In the city center there are more than 90 restaurants and pubs where you can often eat outdoors. The spectacular Falls Park on the Reedy River is one of the most picturesque places you can visit and is great for a picnic, hike or bike ride.

Start your day in Greenville with a morning walk across the unique Liberty Bridge and enjoy magnificent views of the Reedy River and surrounding waterfalls. This location is also the starting point of the 28 km long Swamp Rabbit Trail, one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the city.

Greenville’s Main Street houses the American Legion War Museum, with fascinating exhibits and original artifacts from numerous American wars. Two of the most popular photo opportunities are the Poinsett Bridge, the state’s oldest bridge with a striking gothic arch, and Campbell’s Covered Bridge, the last covered bridge in South Carolina with a typically red paint job.

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