History of Rock Hill

A whole lot of people in Winthrop University are fresh into the Rock Hill area, so we have been oblivious of this trendy history supporting the most significant city in York County! Therefore we’ve assembled a brief history for one personally of our new residence.

Back in 1852, Rock Hill was appointed to get a flint mountain of stone which has been struck by the railroad teams of both Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad Company. The provider was creating a railway line in Charlotte to Columbia. On April 17, 1852, The Rock Hill Post Office started, which marked the official start of the metropolis.

When you’ve driven round Rock Hill, you’ve probably noticed several figurines in the junction of Dave Lyle Boulevard and Gateway Boulevard. The gate way intersection signifies unity, unity and togetherness having its curved form. There are just four figurines here, designed as female variants of Michaelangelo’s”David.” Each statue carries a circular logo that represents the four Distinct sectors of town: the Gears of Industry, the Flame of Knowledge, the Stars of both Inspiration and also the Lightning-bolt of Energy.

Talking about Dave Lyle Boulevard, it had been called for a former mayor of Rock Hill. The town has a fascinating history behind its street names. Cherry Road, among the very popular roads in Rock Hill with the Winthrop community, has been appointed for James M. Cherry, that possessed a plantation which the street passed .

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