SC STRONG residents completed renovation of three Navy Yard houses, actively participating in their own life changes while improving the surrounding community.

In 2007 SC STRONG residents completed renovation of our first home, Quarters Y, at the Navy Yard. This 2400 square foot house in the historic officer quarters district is a two-story, frame, asphalt shingle-clad, hipped roof, residential building dating from the early 1940s and is a mirror of Quarters “Z” to which it is connected by a one-story breezeway that contains garage facilities, boiler room, and storage space. Renovation of Quarters Z was completed in 2009.

Quarters Y and Z suffered from neglect, lack of preventive maintenance, and deferred repairs to damaged areas. Renovation required substantial plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall and carpentry conversions to modern standards and code. Carpentry included repairs to the foundation and main structural members, trim work, repair and replacement of screen porches through roof and doors. Every square foot of walls and ceilings were completely re-worked. The completion of the renovation work allowed us to expand our population and provided a wonderful vocational training program for the residents in the building trades as well as purchasing, contracting, computer and accounting services.

Quarters C is located in the same area of the Navy Yard as Quarters Y and Z within the Charleston Navy Yard Officers’ Quarters Historic District which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The three buildings are located within the North Charleston Noisette Community Master Plan which is a community revitalization plan. The area is designated as a high priority census tract and is located within the Greater Charleston Empowerment Zone.

Quarters C is a two-story, 4,160 square foot, wood frame residential building constructed in 1906. The building was vacated by the Navy in 1996. Since that time a combination of factors contributed to its state of disrepair. Moisture from the leaking roof, an in-operable sump system, and the humid climate adversely affected interior and exterior finishes. SC STRONG residents completed the work on Quarters C with volunteer technical assistance from local building trades companies.


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